Every Saturday we provide a safe, calm, friendly and FUN atmosphere that is filled with excitement and learning!
The Saturday classes consist of an hour of Acting, an hour of singing and an hour of dancing (with a 30 minute break)
Classes take place during term time at Buttercups Primary, 9 Palace Road, Oniru Estate, VI ext from 10AM -1.30PM


Training is given to students to develop their voices for singing and speaking. Every class begins with warm up exercises; the students then go onto practicing a wide range of music styles which include an exciting mix of musical theatre, contemporary and African songs.

Students will learn how to harmonise and will be trained to use microphones. Classes are always taught as a group, but opportunities to sing solos and in small groups are also given.

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Drama classes explore a wide variety of themes using improvisation, script work and acting games. Our main goal is to enable the children to develop confidence and creative skills as well as building upon their social awareness. Our acting classes thrive on imagination, teamwork and provide an excellent outlet for creativity, as well as boosting the children's self-esteem.

During our acting classes students will be trained to be outstanding public speakers, great sight readers and will learn a variety of accents.



Our fantastic dance classes give the children an opportunity to learn a variety of dance styles e.g.; Modern-jazz, hip hop/ break dance, African dance and so much more. As well as the children learning new skills, dancing is also a fantastic way to keep fit and build on the students’ strength, flexibility and co-ordination in a safe and structured environment.


Early Years Classes

(Ages 3-6)

The most exciting part of our early year’s classes is that our students don't realise that they are learning and growing, they just see our sessions as “fun time” or “party class”. We use several games and activities to take the early year’s students out of their comfort zones, whilst gradually leading them to a place where they feel at ease whilst expressing themselves to a large group/ audience.

These classes are taught by professional teachers who have undergone thorough back ground checks, and to assist them there will be an early years practitioner in each class. We believe that having an assistant is essential as our early years students are still developing emotionally and an early years practitioner would be the perfect person to help guide them on this

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